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Oncocytoma of the mandibular salivary gland in a cat

Bouvien Brocks and others, Oude Tielseweg, Buren, The Netherlands

An 11-year-old neutered male cat was presented with a soft tissue mass caudal to the left mandible. Initial investigations suggested a malignant tumour of the salivary gland and histopathology identified it as an oncocytoma. Oncocytes are large epithelial cells with an extremely acidophilic and granular cytoplasm containing vast numbers of mitochondria. The tumour was removed by extracapsular resection of the salivary gland. This is the first published report of an oncocytoma in this species with long-term follow-up.

Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 10 (2): 188-191.

Abstract reproduced by kind permission of Veterinary Practice magazine