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Welcome to the VetSurgeon Abstracts, Short Communications & Research Wiki (Small Animal).

This is a collaborative publishing tool to which any VetSurgeon member may contribute abstracts, short communications and research papers.

We invite two types of contributions:

1. Abstracts found on the Internet by ANY VetSurgeon member, which you feel it would be of value to share with other vets.

2. Case studies / reports, short communications, research papers and the results of clinical audits published by the author (clinicians or researchers). Authors, you may be particularly interested in publishing the results of your work on in addition to traditional print publications in order to:

  • hasten the publication process (it's immediate on VetSurgeon)
  • open your work for broader critical review than offered by the traditional method
  • make your work freely available to the broadest audience

In addition, you may be interested in publishing your work on VetSurgeon if you are simply unable to get it published elswhere!


  • Press 'Create Page'
  • Add the title of your abstract/paper
  • Add keywords relevant to your paper in the box marked 'Tags' (or click 'select tags' to select from existing tags). They should include: all relevant species, the main subject area (i.e. 'heart failure'), and any further classification you think appropriate.
  • Ignore 'Parent Page'
  • Copy and paste the abstract/paper into the main text entry box. The correct format is: authors / institution, abstract, reference.
  • NB. Click the 'Paste from Word icon' to ensure correct formatting. When posting abstracts that have been published elsewhere, you MUST include a reference, ideally linked to the journal. 
  • Press 'Save'.
  • That's it. Your abstract / paper title will now appear on the list of latest additions on the home page of the wiki section, and is added immediately to the Index Of Papers in the right hand margin, under the tags you used.

IMPORTANT ADVICE ABOUT THE CONTENT OF THIS SECTION currently does NOT carry out ANY review of the work published in this section, so it is for the reader to ascertain the validity of any content contained herein.

There are, however, various ways to help you judge the value of any abstract, short communication or paper in this section:

  • Where an abstract, short communication or paper has been published elsewhere, it should always contain a reference linked to the original journal in which it was published.
  • At the bottom of the right hand margin, you'll see a link to the profile of the person who originally published the information on If the profile is anonymous, you should disregard the content.
  • At the foot of each page, you may comment / critically review the abstract, short communication or paper, so that you and others may judge the validity of the work based on the author or publisher's response.

Our goal is ultimately to provide a two stage peer review process. Stage one by an expert panel, and stage two open to all members of VetSurgeon. However, this will take a while to develop and in the meantime, this system offers a transparent way of sharing the results of research and critically evaluating its value.