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Pheromonatherapy Papers and Abstracts

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This review is designed to give general practitioners and other animal health professionals an overview of the clinical trial data supporting the use of synthetic pheromone products D.A.P. and Feliway. The summaries included in this publication have been written following consultation with the original authors and industry experts and are inline with the latest developments in the new field of pheromonatherapy. This review gives an accurate and simple overview of the available data and is intended to be a useful reference guide for use in practice. However the original papers are available on request from CEVA Animal Health.

I would like to thank the authors of each paper included in this review for their help in editing the copy and allowing us to publish summaries of their work. 

Special thanks also go to Jessica Henman, Jon Bowan, Sarah Heath, Professor Danièlle Gunn-Moore and Professor Daniel Mills for their help writing and editing this book.