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Advertising On is dead simple. Just complete the form, pay the fee by credit or debit card, press submit and your advert goes live on the site for 30 days. It is also emailed to subscribers whose search criteria your job meets, highlighted throughout, and fed out to external social networks (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) and Google for Jobs.

At any time, you can return and edit your advertisement, by clicking the link in the job section to 'Manage Your Adverts'. 

Your invoice is available after you have paid by navigating to: Veterinary Jobs>Your Invoices.

Our full terms and conditions are here.

The following will help you get the most from advertising on

Advertise the salary 

Research has shown that job adverts which include an indication of the salary perform better than those which don't. You can advertise a salary range or a minimum offer, the latter of which is described to the reader as a starting point for a discussion (which you might or might not be prepared to better). 

Add Photograph/Logo

A photograph or logo will help your advert stand out in the listings and when it is shared on social media like Facebook. We recommend a photo of a smiling team is usually the best option. If you upload both, both are displayed on the advert itself, but it is the photo which is displayed on listings and shared on Facebook, because photos are usually more interesting. 

Add your proposition

This is the stand out reason why someone would want to come and work for you. You are allowed roughly 14 words, in which you could highlight that it is a learning opportunity, or that you have a friendly team, or that it is a development opportunity, or something else. Again, your proposition helps your advert stand out in the listings.

Share and Reward

At the foot of the job advertising form you can enter the email addresses of other staff and colleagues at your practice and they will be sent one email from us on your behalf, asking them to share the advert you are posting with their friends. You can also offer a financial incentive 

Share, Share and Share again!

You will see sharing buttons under each job advert on We share your job on Facebook ourselves, but it's a numbers game. The more people who share, the more chances of getting a result. So head over to your new advert and share it yourself. For example, on your practice Facebook page.


If you are unsure about how any aspect of the system works, ring 0207 183 2511 or email We're here to help.