Some of the most experienced and well-qualified veterinary dentists in the country have agreed to help their colleagues in general practice by answering questions about veterinary dentistry that they post on

Dentistry Specialists: , , , and , together with veterinary dentists , and  join the team of Small Animal Medicine Specialists who are also on hand to answer questions posted by GP vets on

All questions asked on are added to a searchable knowledge base for the benefit of everyone in the profession. So anyone who asks a question is not just doing it for their own benefit, but for everyone.

Questions can be case-related, or broader questions asking what the team thinks about a drug, technique or piece of research.  

Anyone who subscribes to the VetSurgeon Digest of questions here, and posts a dentistry question here before 30th September 2023 will have their name put in the hat for a bottle of Moet champagne. Editor Arlo Guthrie said: “One other thing. Do share this news story with your colleagues in general practice. For them to be able to tap into the minds of some of the leading lights in both dentistry and medicine is a really amazing resource, especially for more recent grads."

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