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The community on now exists purely for members of the veterinary profession to help each other.

How it Works

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Some questions you may be able to help with, others may be ones that you too would like to know the answer to.

And when you yourself have a question about anything veterinary, clinical or otherwise, post it for the community here, and it too will be added to the digest and emailed to subscribers, which include some of the leading lights in a number of disciplines.

If you're a referral practitioner or a representative from industry, there is a further reason to participate. You can add your logo ('attribution' in your account settings) and contact details and they will be displayed within any verified answers you post. And what could be a better advert for your services than your logo in the context of a helpful, knowledgeable answer!


  1. All questions and answers are added to a searchable knowledgebase of experience and opinions for the benefit of everyone.
  2. You can be assured of an authoritative answer. We highlight the skills and experience of contributors, especially those with advanced qualifications, because not all opinions have equivalent value, whatever Facebook might like to think.
  3. We give everyone the space to answer at length, as is needed for discussions about often complex subjects.
  4. Participation counts towards your CPD requirements.
  5. This community is very focussed on one thing: the question.
  6. We don't use algorithms to prioritise answers you may respond to, thereby avoiding the bias inherent in platforms like Facebook.

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