Hi all,

Just wanted to thank everyone again who came along to the satelitte meeting. I am sure you will agree it was a great day and we heard some interesting talks.

The results for the case report competition are below - Much to the relief of the presenters i forgot my camera so there is no photo to follow.

1st Place - Deoxycorticosterone-producing adrenal carcinoma causing signs of mineralocorticoid excess and hypokalaemic myopathy in a dog

Ruth Gostelow (RVC - Medicine resident )

Second Place - Abdominal mycetoma in a dog caused by Scedosporium apiospermum Rosanne  Jepson (RVC - Medicine Resident)

3rd place - Colonic candidiasis in a dog - Caroline Kisielewicz (Glasgow University - Medicine Resident)

4th place - Four cases of feline hyperprogesteronism - Natasha Hetzel (Bristol University - Medicine Resident)

In total we had 10 excellent submission from practioners and residents - whioch ave the commitee a nice but difficult task of slecting the top 3 . infact we expanded it to four. We hope to secure funding for the competition, so keep the competition in mind when you are on clinics.

Other news is that the commmitee has had alittle re shuffle

Marge Chandler and Clive Elwood have stepped down. Again the Commitee would like to thank them for their hard work and input over the last 4-5 years.

New members of the commitee

Mark Dunning - has joined the program commitee

David Walker - has taken over the PR role from me

My role will change and I  will be keeping an eye on the website and hopefully coming up with some new ideas to make it more interesting ( let me know if you have any) and focusing on the antibiotic usage project.

All the best


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