Efficacy of masitinib in dogs with steroid-resistant inflammatory bowel disease


Fabio Procoli DMV MRCVS, Senior Clinical Training Scholar in Small Animal Internal Medicine RVC

Free plasma metanephrines – a novel diagnostic approach for the diagnosis of pheochromocytoma in dogs

The Royal Veterinary College

Genetic Basis of Endocrine Disease in Dogs

As part of the LUPA initiative ( http://www.eurolupa.org ), the Royal Veterinary College, University of London and the Universities of Manchester and Uppsala are collaborating to investigate the genetic...

Exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) Treatment Study

Exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) Treatment Study Aran Mas DVM MRCVS P-J.M.Noble BSc BVM&S PhD MRCVS, A.J.German BVSc PhD CertSAM DipECVIM-CA MRCVS

Congenital PSS in Birman Cats - DNA Project

We are currently looking at the predisposition of Birman cats to congenital portosystemic shunts. The project is being run by Angie Hibbert  and Professor Tim Gruffydd-Jones at the Feline Centre Bristol

Diabetes Treatment Survey for vets, nurses and owners

Stijn Neissen RVC

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