Vets4Pets has announced that it will launch a new, £40K per annum EMS bursary scheme to support veterinary students in March next year. 

Under the scheme, 60 students will be given two weeks of supported clinical placements in more than 50 Vets4Pets practices across the UK, helping to prepare them for work in a clinical environment.

Successful applicants will receive £334 per week during their placements and will also have access to a fast-track application to the Vets4Pets Graduate Programme.

Emily Bridges, Vet & Graduate Programme Lead at Vets4Pets said: “While we know that great EMS placements are a key part of a student’s development, we also know that it has become increasingly difficult for students to fund EMS while they are studying.

"By launching the bursary scheme, we’re hoping to provide students with the support they need to get the most out of their placements, without the financial worry."

Jessica Windham, a veterinary graduate from the RVC, London, took part in the pilot. She said: “For me, the bursary helped to pay for my fuel and food while on placement.

"This meant I could go home and rest after eight hours in the practice, instead of going straight to my part-time bar job and working an extra four-hour shift like many students have to do.

"Ultimately because I was less tired, I performed far better as a student and learned a lot more.”

Applications will open in March 2022 for placements beginning in summer, and students can find out more at:

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