Vets4Pets has launched Project Listen, a survey to find out what challenges, motivations and experiences veterinary surgeons face every day, and what the company might to do lead positive change in the sector. 

The findings will be published in a freely-available and independently-authored report.

Jane Balmain, Chief Operating Officer at Vets4Pets (pictured right), said: “The last 18 months have been indescribably tough for everyone, not least the veterinary practice teams. Soaring levels of pet ownership coupled with recruitment challenges have meant that an already-stretched profession has been almost brought to its knees.

"As a profession, you’ve always put pets first. But now it’s time to also concentrate on you - the vets, nurses and support teams that make up our beloved sector. We want to hear how you’re feeling and give you the power to help us make change.

“By launching this sector-wide survey, we’re kick-starting a vital conversation to protect the wellbeing of vet teams and the future of the profession. We believe that, by sharing experiences openly and honestly from all corners of the sector, we can come together to bring about the much-needed changes to ensure it remains an attractive, long-term career option.”

The survey, which runs until 16th November 2021, can be completed at Respondents will remain anonymous and no data will be collected via the survey.

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