The BVA and the RCVS have issued a statement which clarifies what work veterinary surgeons and practices are allowed to do under the coronavirus lockdown. 

On 23rd March, the Government demanded that the majority of public-facing businesses close their doors. Veterinary surgeries, however, have been exempted and are allowed to remain open.

However, the number of clients seen face-to-face should be kept to an absolute minimum and veterinary teams must insist on strict social distancing measures at all times.

In addition, the RCVS/BVA say that: 

  • Routine treatments should not be carried out until further notice.
  • You may offer your clients advice and consultation services via remote means, including prescribing POM-V medicines where appropriate.
  • Clients and/or veterinary professionals should only travel to see animals if judged essential to do so.
  • Animals should only be seen in emergencies or where, in the judgement of the veterinary surgeon, urgent assessment and/or treatment is needed in order to reduce the risk of patient deterioration to the point where it may become an emergency in the near future (ie within the three-week time frame currently laid out by the Government for these measures).
  • Veterinary professionals should exercise judgement as to when it is necessary for you to see an animal and/or their owner in person.
     has updated its FAQs for veterinary professionals, which can be found here:  

The College has updated its FAQs for veterinary professionals, which can be found here: 

The BVA is now developing some further guidance to provide examples of what constitutes routine, urgent and emergency care. 

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