Same view as the previous movie (17) but with colour Doppler focused over the mitral valve. (Note: Reducing the 2-D sector width and minimising the colour sector width will significantly improve frame rates and thus the colour will flow more smoothly. The presence of the colour Doppler has reduced the frame rate deom 73 fps to 46 fps).

There is normal upwards (red) laminar flow through the mitral valve in diastole. There should be no flow downwards in systole, however in this dog there is a very small (blue & turbulent) jet of flow downwards in systole. This is deemed very mild mitral regurgitation.

This is a good view to obtain alignment of blood flow through the mitral valve. The still image below is of a spectral Doppler velocity tracing showing upwards (inwards) flow through the mitral valve. Note there are two filling phases, the larger early diastolic phase (E-wave) and the small atrial contraction phase (A-wave) just prior to systole.