Zoetis UK has added AI urine sediment analysis to its diagnostics platform, Vetscan Imagyst.

The company says the new addition leverages a combination of image recognition technology, algorithms, and cloud-based deep learning AI to enable accurate, in-clinic sediment analysis of fresh urine, delivering results within minutes.

The system evaluates red and white blood cells, squamous and other epithelial cells (e.g. urothelial and renal tubular epithelial cells), hyaline and non-hyaline casts, struvite and calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals, and cocci and rod bacteria.

Zoetis says its performance is comparable to that of a clinical pathologist.

Richard Goldstein, DVM, DACVIM, DECVIM-CA, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Global Diagnostics Medical Affairs at Zoetis said: “Urinalysis is an essential diagnostic test for veterinary surgeons, and often a good indicator of potential wider issues.

"Having the ability to get these results faster will improve the speed and level of care teams can provide their patients, facilitating efficient medical decision-making and helping to ensure smooth workflows.

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