has launched a new discussion format for veterinary surgeons in which we share best practice, question the current way of doing things and brainstorm new ideas.

Once a month, a new discussion will be posted by the site editor titled: "WHAT WOULD YOU DO (in xxx clinical situation)?"

In addition, VetSurgeon members are strongly encouraged to start your own "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" discussion at any time. 

All members are then invited to share what they would do for the case described, and we also use the opportunity to question which approach offers the best value for pet and owner, and brainstorm new ways of approaching the problem. 

Importantly, criticising (as opposed to questioning) anyone's approach is strictly forbidden.

The aim is to share what most vets are doing, question whether there are better ways of doing things and brainstorm fresh ideas, something which is always a beneficial but perhaps especially so in a cost-of-living crisis when, for a variety of reasons, veterinary fees have escalated above and beyond inflation. 

As a result, it has become increasingly important to question, for example, the value of certain diagnostics and whether a different approach could offer clients more value.

By way of example, the first discussion was: "WHAT WOULD YOU DO: cat over-grooming central abdomen?", which you can read and take part in here: 

The second discussion is now live, and asks: "WHAT WOULD YOU DO: Young dog presented having had its first single or cluster of seizures? 

Come and share your thoughts here: 

Full rules here: 

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