Eastcott Veterinary Referrals in Wiltshire reports that it has successfully treated the first reported case of a dog with complete, unilateral urinary tract duplication.

The case was seen by Tim Charlesworth, head of surgery, who shared details of the case. 

The dog was a seven-month-old Jack Russell Terrier which had been referred suffering from urinary incontinence and preputial pruritus. 

Tim said: “We believe this is the first reported case of complete unilateral duplication of the urinary tract in a dog presenting with incontinence. 

“The dog concerned was born with a duplex or 'double’ left kidney. Each section of the left kidney drained urine via separate ureters into the prostate gland. 

“Its urinary bladder was also divided into separate left and right compartments, each of which then drained through separate urethras that coursed through separate penises. 

“The two penises were both stuck within a prepuce designed for one which, was causing the dog’s pruritus or ‘itching’ of the penis. The incontinence was caused by the left ectopic ureters.” 

Tim was faced with the challenge of devising a surgical strategy that would resolve the dog’s clinical signs. He said: “The left kidney was severely dilated and was deemed to be non-functional and so the dog underwent surgery for the removal of the affected left kidney and ureters; the two halves of the bladder were united by ablation of the septum between these two cavities; the left urethra was transected and the left penis amputated to allow the right penis to have room to fully fit within the prepuce.” 

Tim added: “The dog has now made a full recovery with full resolution of his clinical signs and is currently doing very well indeed. We are very pleased to have been involved with such an unusual case and are really happy that he continues to do so well.” 

The case was recently written up by one of Eastcott’s interns, Mara Sprocatti, and it has now been published by Wiley Online Library in Veterinary Surgery, highlighting it as the first known case in the history of veterinary surgery. 

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