Veterinary marketing and public relations agency, Companion Consultancy has launched Companion Design Studio to provide veterinary businesses with all forms of graphic, video and digital design, including magazines, logos, leaflets, posters, websites, emailers, photography, filming, podcasts, and animations.

Companion Consultancy Director Susan Mackay, herself a veterinary surgeon, started Companion Consultancy in 2002.

She said: “We added a design team to the agency two years ago and it’s been fantastic to have this resource available in-house.

"In the digital space people increasingly consume their content as images and sound as much as the written word and it has become key to delivering communication projects that really work.” editor Arlo Guthrie said: "I couldn't agree with Susan more.

"As a news editor, I get a barrage of press releases every day.

"Those with powerful photos or video that will stand out on all the different social media platforms get prioritised.

"Those that have poor images, or none at all tend to get ignored." 

Susan added: “For complex projects we can have one or more of our vets working alongside the designer to get all the technical nuances exactly right.

"Infographics for instance are a great way to overcome language barriers but explaining the complexities of how vaccines work in pictures needs veterinary input and our designers then come up with visual ways to represent those concepts so we can work through those together.

"On simpler projects, clients don’t have to waste time explaining why they don’t want to show a dog wearing a choke chain or carrying a stick, because our designers already bring an additional level of understanding to their work.

"We want to make it clear that you don’t have to be a Companion Consultancy client to benefit from this great resource.”

Companion Design Studio is offering a free, no obligation 30 minute design consultation to the first 10 applicants from the veterinary community who want expert input on their existing branding and how it has been applied, or to gather ideas for new design projects. or call Tom on 07925 133302.

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