Boehringer Ingelheim has launched SoundTalks, an AI device which listens to and analyses the frequency and intensity of pigs coughing, allowing for the earlier detection of respiratory disease. 

Each SoundTalks device has a microphone which covers up to a 10-metre radius.

Noises are transmitted to the cloud where sounds are analysed using algorithms which Boehringer says use many years of data, and with the use of AI are constantly evolving. 

The company says the device, which monitors coughing 24/7, has already been shown to detect respiratory disease in pigs up to five days sooner than conventional methods, allowing vets and farmers to respond quicker, improving health outcomes, and minimising the risk of infection across the herd. 1,2

Paul Thompson BA VetMB MRCVS from Garth Pig Practice said: “The earlier we can detect the onset of disease the quicker we can intervene.

"By taking action earlier we can aim to reduce morbidity and mortality, and potentially lessen treatments including antibiotic use.

"This will help improve the wellbeing of the pigs and reduce the time commitments and costs for the farmer.

"Having heard how SoundTalks is already transforming the practices of producers and vets in other parts of Europe, I am excited to use it in my own day-to-day role.

"This innovation has the potential to provide robust data as to when respiratory disease starts, allowing us to refine our prevention plans and improve the overall health of the pigs.”


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