Virbac has launched Veterinary HPM Kidney & Joint, a range of wet and dry clinical diets formulated to help manage both chronic kidney disease (CKD) and osteoarthritis in cats simultaneously.

The new range allows for gradually increasing support for the CKD patient according to the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) stage, reducing phosphorous levels whilst avoiding early protein reduction and the associated lean mass loss correlated to a reduction in life expectancy.

Virbac says Veterinary HPM Kidney & Joint contains high quality protein, of which more than 85% is of animal origin, to support body condition and limit renal workload.

All of the products in the range contain Mobility Plus Complex, a mix of chondroprotective agents for joint support which are designed to increase joint flexibility and mobility with high levels of Omega 3 and DHA.

Dan Johnson, Product Manager at Virbac said: "CKD is the first cause of mortality at, or after, 5 years of age and osteoarthritis is highly prevalent but under-diagnosed in senior cats, with most cats being diagnosed at an advanced stage.

"So with Veterinary HPM Kidney & Joint, Virbac hopes to provide clinicians with a significant advancement in the nutritional management of these feline pathologies."

Veterinary HPM Kidney & Joint is presented in three dry and two wet formats:

  • Early Kidney & Joint– For cats at IRIS Stage 1. Available in dry and wet chunks in gravy.
  • Kidney & Joint – A dry diet for cats at IRIS Stage 2.
  • Kidney & Joint Wet Mousse – a highly palatable, energy dense mousse for cats at IRIS Stages 2, 3 & 4 which can be fed alone or in combination with Kidney & Joint or Advanced Kidney & Joint dry.
  • Advanced Kidney & Joint – A dry diet for cats at IRIS Stages 3 & 4.

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