RCVS Knowledge has published "Introduction to Human Factors and Systems Thinking" a free online course to help vets improve quality, patient safety, and team wellbeing.

The Human Factors aspect of the course considers how interactions between people and their environment can affect patient care and outcomes.  

Systems Thinking looks at how well-designed systems in practice can help achieve better results. 

Pam Mosedale, Quality Improvement Clinical Lead at RCVS Knowledge said: “When’s the last time you thought about the impact human interactions between your team are having on your patients?

"What about the processes you use to deliver care?

“Every veterinary professional wants to achieve good outcomes, but the role that Human Factors and systems can play is sometimes overlooked.

"Making sure that your processes are well-designed, and understanding how the people in your team interact with them can optimise the quality of care you provide, while improving team wellbeing."

“That is why we’re delighted to announce the launch of free, practical support on Human Factors and Systems Thinking for all veterinary teams.”


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