Linnaeus reports that last year, it doubled the funding for its Open Access Publication Charge (OAPC) initiative, through which it covers the fees for its associates to publish open access in prominent peer-reviewed veterinary journals.

The Linnaeus OAPC initiative was launched in 2021 and originally allocated £30K for 2022.

However, that figure was doubled after the company received a growing number of high quality submissions. 

33 papers were accepted for funding in 2022, of which 24 have so far been published and the remainder are undergoing peer review. 

The authors comprise clinicians, specialists, residents and interns across nine referral and primary care sites within the group.

The OAPC was introduced by Professor Luisa De Risio, Clinical Research & Excellence Director at Linnaeus (pictured right).

She said: “By making clinical research open access, we can ensure it makes the widest possible impact – while also supporting the author’s profile and career development.

"We are continuing to offer OAPC funding to our associates in 2023 and look forward to seeing the fantastic research published as a result.”

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