Identichip has launched a pocket-sized silent microchip scanner designed to help minimise anxiety when a pet is scanned for a microchip.

Identichip says the scanner is particularly suited to noise-sensitive dogs and cats.

It's designed to fit in one hand, and is compatible with all ISO 15-digit (FDX-B) microchips.

Tammie O’Leary, commercial lead at Identicare, said: “With compulsory microchipping coming into effect for owned cats from 10 June in England, it is likely that more cats will be presented to check for a chip or to be implanted. 

"Many practices are making substantial efforts to minimise fear or stress in their patients, however most microchip scanners beep when they locate a microchip, which can be stressful for animals. 

"The silent microchip scanner will help reduce any associated stress for noise sensitive animals.”

Dr Ellie Lee, veterinary surgeon and director at Manchester Cat Clinic, has trialled the silent microchip scanner.

She said: “The scanner is a great tool; we really like how compact it is, which makes it less intimidating for cats, and the silence is definitely beneficial to them too. 

"As it doesn’t beep, we watch the screen to check that a chip has been detected, but this is easy to do as it’s such a handy size.”

The silent scanner can be purchased from NVS, Covetrus or from identichip direct.


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