HT Vista, which makes a device which uses thermal imaging and AI to screen dermal and subcutaneous masses in dogs, has developed a data collection app for use alongside the device.

The app allows practices to submit results along with cytology and histopathology results in order to help train the AI algorithm and improve its accuracy from an original sensitivity of 85% and negative predictive value of 97%.

Liron Levy-Hirsch, Managing Director of HT Vista, said: “The HT app has provided us with over 700 additional validated scans to analyse this year alone.

"The validation process is well controlled, whereby we use the lab results to tag the scans as benign or malignant and let the algorithm know if it was correct or not.

"The more we train the algorithm the more accurate it becomes, and it is extremely exciting to see the sensitivity increase to 90% and the NPV to 98%.” 

HT Vista says the app was developed to meet demand from clinics.

Liron said: "By having a portal to upload lab results alongside the device’s results not only do we further improve the device, but we also increase confidence among our vets and nurses that the device is a reliable tool. 

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