Appearing as my alter ego, 'Gadget Man', I've just published a new review of the Pitpat dog activity monitor, something which could be a useful way of measuring a response to treatment for things like osteoarthritis and to increase engagement with dog owners at veterinary nurses' obesity clinics.

The Pitpat was designed in Cambridge, launched in 2016 and is now the leading dog activity monitor on the market, with over 50,000 sold. 

I was invited to review the Pitpat by one of the company's non-executive directors, Myra Forster-van Hijfte FRCVS, a European and RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Medicine who was also one of the angel investors. 

I wasn't convinced that this was something every dog owner would want to use regularly. You'd have to be a bit obsessed to be routinely reviewing the activity levels of a perfectly fit young dog. But I think there is real potential for it to add value to veterinary nurses' obesity clinics and also to measure a response to treatment for things like osteoarthritis (OA). As such, it is perhaps something for practices to consider buying for themselves, and then loaning it out to the owners of dogs on a weight loss programme or which are getting treatment for OA. 

Myra said: "PitPat gives an objective measurement of the actual activity the dog has done and the app gives the owner tailored advice (based on breed, age and sex of the dog) on how much exercise their dog should be doing and an estimate of daily calories their dog has burnt. This will help owners keep their dogs fit and healthy and in the correct body condition.

"PitPat is useful in weight management clinics by improving owner engagement through the associated weight app. Encouraging exercise also provides the owner with a positive contribution towards weight management.

"Monitoring activity pre- and post treatment, for instance dogs with osteoarthritis on NSAID's, provides vet and owner with an objective measure of whether treatment is effective or not."

You can watch the full review here. If you're interested in technology that is designed to make life easier, do subscribe to the channel!

For more information about Pitpat, visit: Veterinary practices that want to buy a Pitpat for use with their clients will get a trade discount. Contact the company for more details.

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