Elanco has announced the launch of Credelio (lotilaner) for cats, the first oral flea and tick treatment to be licensed for cats.

In trials, Credelio killed more than 98% of ticks within 24 hours1, and more than 99% of fleas within 12 hours with all fleas killed within 24 hours, for one month2

Credelio is available in two vanilla-yeast-flavoured tablet strengths and is approved for kittens and cats from 8 weeks of age and older and 0.5 kilograms or heavier.

The tablets are well-accepted by cats: in a three-month field study pet owners were 100% successful in administering the product, replicated each consecutive month3.

Elanco says the new product will be of particular interest to the one in three cat owners who currently use a topical spot on or collar that - according to its research - would prefer to give their cat a tablet when it comes to tick and flea control4.

Victoria Sumpter, Companion Animal Technical Marketing Manager at Elanco UK & Ireland said: "Not only can it be stressful to give a tick and flea treatment to a cat, it can completely disrupt a cat’s daily routine.

"With Credelio, treating a cat for ticks and fleas doesn’t have to be a big to-do. The chewable, vanilla-yeast flavoured tablets are widely accepted by cats, so owners have the flexibility to treat with or immediately after food in a way that suits their cat’s needs."

For more information, visit: www.credelio.co.uk


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