Dechra has launched ‘They’ve got Cushing’s. You’ve got us’ marketing campaign to highlight the company’s support for Vetoryl.

Across Europe, the company has over 30 technical experts who get over 2,500 technical calls each year about Cushing’s. 

The company also publishes the Dechra Academy, which provides a range of free online courses for vets.

There's also Dechra’s endocrinology app which was developed using data from the Royal Veterinary College’s VetCompass database to help vets diagnose and manage the endocrine disorders Addison’s disease (hypoadrenocorticism) and Cushing’s syndrome.

For owners, Dechra publishes the 'Suspecting Cushing’s' website and has created the Cushing’s monitoring app to help simplify the management process, improve compliance with medication and increase engagement in the dog’s care.

Sarah Musgrave, companion animal brand manager at Dechra, said: “Dechra has extensive experience in endocrinology. 

"Cushing’s can be a challenge to identify, diagnose and manage and our ‘They’ve got Cushing’s. You’ve got us’ initiative demonstrates the comprehensive support that we have available for both vets and dog owners to help ensure that dogs with Cushing’s live long and healthy lives.” 

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