Dechra has taken over the distribution of two products designed to support kidney health in senior cats, Porus One and its sister product Add One.

Porus One contains renaltec, a selective absorber that absorbs the precursors of uraemic toxins in the cat’s intestine that would normally be removed or regulated by healthy kidneys, so that they may be safely excreted in the cat's faeces.

The product is presented as a powder which can be sprinkled on wet cat food, or given with Add One as a treat.  

Dechra says it is well-accepted by cats due to its neutral taste and smell.  

Add One is a moist and tasty cat treat developed to encourage cats that prefer dry food to eat Porus One. 

It is available in two flavours: creamy salmon and tasty liver. 

Add One contains omega-3 and a high moisture content to help support kidney health.

It also contains taurine to support a cat’s eyes and heart.

One box of Porus One contains 30 single-dose sachets, each containing 500mg of renaltec. 

One box of Add One contains 30 single-dose 10mg sachets.

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