CVS is running a nation-wide clinical improvement project to increase the use of the RVC’s Diabetic Clinical Score (DCS).

The Diabetic Clinical Score is a quick, standardised scoring system to record the clinical signs of diabetes in a patient, which was designed by Royal Veterinary College Internal Medicine Specialist

The scoring system has been turned into a pet diabetes app which allows clients to record and monitor the impact of treatment.

CVS' aim is to use the recently validated tool in over 80% of patient cases to improve the treatment and control of diabetes whilst supporting the practice team to develop their skills in managing the condition. 

Participating practices will use the DCS, alongside blood glucose measurements, to diagnose and monitor patients.

Veterinary nurses will refer animals coming in for six-monthly Healthy Pet Club check-ups to a vet for a possible diabetes diagnosis, whilst vets diagnosing diabetes will introduce owners and patients to the DCS to record a diabetes log, to help manage the condition.

To upskill and develop colleagues in the use of the DCS, dedicated vet and nurse training sessions have been held by the clinical leadership team, including a kick-off ‘diabetes day’ which focussed on current thinking and introduced the DCS tool.

CVS teams have also grouped together to agree a coordinated approach to managing pets with diabetes in their practice.

Supporting diabetes resources have also been drafted for practices, including new clinical guidelines, supporting paperwork and CPD.

Lara Wilson, Regional Clinical Lead at CVS said: “Diabetes is notoriously difficult to diagnose and different vets can use different approaches to managing cases.

“The Diabetic Clinical Score will help the whole team around the patient – the owner, vet and veterinary nurse – to effectively and cohesively manage their care.

It will implement joined-up thinking and help to put a standardised disease management framework in place. 

“It will be fantastic to see the benefits that the Diabetic Clinical Score will bring to our patients and practices.

"I am certain that this will help contribute towards them providing some of the best diabetes clinical diagnosis and care in our profession.” 

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