The Pet Food Manufacturers Association has confirmed the programme for its parrot nutrition symposium at Chester Zoo on 21 September, to which avian vets are invited.

The event aims to deliver the latest knowledge on parrot nutrition and welfare and provide an opportunity to collaborate on education and potential next steps for research.

 The full programme is as follows: 

  • Parrot Husbandry at Chester Zoo. Lauren Samet (Animal Nutritionist) and Mark Vercoe (Deputy Curator of Birds), Chester Zoo
  • Forty years of keeping parrots healthy - good nutrition is a major factor. Alan Jones MRCVS (Chairman of The Parrot Society UK)
  • Poor plumage? Too fat to fly? Clinical parrot nutrition - common problems and solutions. Vicki Baldrey MRCVS (Avian Vet and lecturer at Royal Veterinary College)
  • Parrot food production, from fields to feeding stations. Dr Isabelle Kalmar DVM, PhD (R&D Expert, Versele-Laga Belgium and Co-chair of Fediaf Small Pets Working Group)
  • Pet parrots’ feeding best practice and behavioural enrichment. Tariq Abou-Zahr DipECZM(Avian) MRCVS (Exotic Animal Veterinary Surgeon)

Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science & Education at PFMA said: “We are hoping to make it a worthwhile event, where parrot experts, welfare groups and parrot food industry can share their knowledge and experience.

"Through discussions we will come up with collective decisions and steps forward to improve the health and welfare of parrots that are kept in captivity, especially from a diet and nutrition perspective."

For ticket prices and to register: 

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