Vetster has launched a mobile app for Android and iOS through which veterinary surgeons practicing on Vetster can offer remote consultations to pet owners.

Mark Bordo, CEO and CoFounder,, said: “Our new mobile app is one more way we can provide veterinary professionals with a flexible platform to connect with pet parents in between appointments, traveling between clients, or from the comfort of home. With just a few taps on their mobile phone, veterinarians connect with pet parents with great video quality, and easy-to-use scheduling and follow-up features.”

So now, at long last, vets can diagnose disease in animals on an even smaller screen than ever before.

What a breakthrough.

The mobile app also means you can diagnose whilst on the move. 

So, no need to waste any more time reading a book on the 14:25 from Paddington to Bath Spa, instead you could be consulting pet owners (or 'pet parents' ... ugh) and examining their animal on your two inch mobile phone screen from the comfort of your train seat.  

Client confidentiality could be a problem on the 14:25, but if you wear headphones and whisper into the phone, you should be alright.

Tunnels might also cause a bit of a problem, but hey, the pet owner can always call you back when you're out the other side. 

To register to practice on Vetster, visit 

Once registered and approved, you can then download and use the app.

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