Dechra Veterinary Products has launched two new antibiotics with a new tablet technology designed to encourage more responsible use of antibiotics in practice.Dechra Veterinary Products has launched two new antibiotics with a new tablet technology designed to encourage more responsible use of antibiotics in practice.

Metrobactin is the first veterinary licensed metronidazole tablet for the treatment of anaerobic infections in dogs and cats. Amoxibactin is the only flavoured, double-divisible amoxicillin tablet for the treatment of urinary, reproductive and airway infections in dogs and cats.

Metrobactin and Amoxibactin are presented in 'SmartTab' double divisible tablets which can easily be divided into equal halves or quarters to ensure accurate dosing and to avoid the risk of antibiotic resistance associated with under dosing. The tablets are meat flavoured to encourage animals to accept them, thereby helping to ensure the full course is completed. There are also multiple dose strengths per product.

Dechra says it hopes these features will help vets engage with responsible antimicrobial stewardship.

Larry King, Marketing Manager UK & Ireland, said: "Dechra is acutely aware of the importance of using antibiotics responsibly and we appreciate that antibiotics are an important but complex area of veterinary medicine.

"Each case should be judged on its merits and considered use of antibiotics should be the practice, rather than using antibiotics as a precaution. Dechra suggests that antimicrobials are only used when an infection has been documented and, if possible, choices made on the results of culture and sensitivity testing and/or cytology testing. We encourage clinicians to consider other treatment options before using systemic antibiotics, for example, cases of surface pyoderma can receive topical treatment.

"Using narrower spectrum antibiotics reduces the selection pressure for resistance in commensal bacteria and if antibiotics are not resolving an infection, the diagnosis may be incorrect or there may be an underlying disease process."

He added: "The launch of Metrobactin and Amoxibactin will support our existing Clavudale antibiotic that combines amoxicillin and clavulanic acid and is part of our commitment to improve the options for treatment and responsible management of antibiotics.

"SmartTab’s innovative features will play a large role in the effective and responsible use of antibiotics. Dechra will be progressively introducing further antibiotics featuring SmartTab technology to support practices when dispensing antibiotics."

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