The best anaesthetic protocol for routine neutering in heathy animals is the subject of a new type of open discussion on, where you could win an Amazon voucher for taking part. 

The idea is for as many practitioners as possible to come and share their experience, tips or advice in a discussion thread where members can vote for the posts that they think are the most interesting or helpful. The most up-voted reply is highlighted at the start of the discussion thread and will receive an Amazon voucher worth £50 at the end of the week.

The new discussion format highlights some of the great strengths of over other discussion platforms such as Facebook, chiefly that the format on VetSurgeon lends itself to longer, more reflective posts befitting scientific discussion, and also that useful pearls of clinical wisdom don't get lost in a sea of similar replies and remain easy for everyone to refer back to. Not to mention the fact that time spent taking part in clinical discussions on can be logged towards your annual CPD requirement, using the 'Claim CPD' button at the top of the page.

The new discussion format is closely moderated to ensure a collaborative, constructive debate. Do come and take part, or just read the thread and vote for the post you find most helpful or interesting (you'll be helping a colleague on their way to an Amazon voucher!). The vote link is in the bottom right hand corner of each post.

And if you find it useful, don't forget to press the red 'Claim CPD' button at the top, which also acts as a useful bookmark.

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