An animal welfare charity called Naturewatch Foundation has launched a survey to find out what veterinary surgeons think about the canine fertility industry.

The charity says it estimates there has been a ten-fold increase in fertility clinics in the past two years, and it is now aware of at least 339 dog fertility businesses across the UK.

Such clinics, which typically offer artificial insemination, progesterone testing, cytology and ultrasound scanning, are often operated by lay people, rather than veterinary professionals.

There have been concerns about the seeming indiscriminate use of breeding procedures by some fertility clinics, and about links to low welfare breeding operations.

Naturewatch says some fertility clinics have been found selling and administering prescription medicines and offering to perform operations.

The charity now wants to understand what veterinary professionals think about this new industry, and is running a short survey until 21st August 2022.

In particular, Naturewatch wants to know who you think should be permitted to perform commonly offered breeding procedures.

It also wants to hear your thoughts about possible solutions.

Are canine fertility clinics inherently problematic?

Or could canine fertility clinics - if operated ethically and regulated properly - bridge the gap between breeders and the veterinary profession?

Complete the survey here: 

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