Voting has now opened in the 2021 elections for RCVS Council.

There are 14 candidates standing in this year’s election, including one current RCVS Council member eligible for re-election and 13 candidates not currently on Council. They are:

  • Dr Louise Allum MRCVS
  • Dr Danny Chambers MRCVS (incumbent)
  • John Davies MRCVS
  • Dr Matshidiso (Tshidi) Gardiner MRCVS
  • Dr Grant Hampson MRCVS
  • Elizabeth Law-Bartle MRCVS
  • Dr Philip Lhermette FRCVS
  • Peter Robinson MRCVS
  • Dr Ian Sayers MRCVS
  • Dr Huw Stacey MRCVS
  • Dr Kit Sturgess FRCVS
  • Dr Samantha Webster MRCVS
  • Dr Colin Whiting MRCVS
  • Will Wilkinson MRCVS

In 2018 changes were made to the governance arrangements of the RCVS after a Legislative Reform Order changing the size and composition of Council was passed by Parliament. The changes mean that, in most years, there will be three elected places available for the candidates. However, this year the four candidates with the most votes will be starting their four-year terms on Council. This is to ensure that elected RCVS Council members remain in the majority. 

Emails containing links to the secure election voting websites which are unique to each member of the electorate, were sent on 17 March 2021 by Civica Election Services (CES) (formerly Electoral Reform Services) which runs the election on behalf of the College.

All votes must be cast online by 5pm on Friday 23 April 2021. The small numbers of veterinary surgeons for whom the RCVS does not hold email addresses have been sent letters in the post containing instructions on how they can vote online, including contact details for CES to provide further advice.

The biographies and statements for each candidate can be found at:

This year the College invited RCVS Council candidates to produce a video in which they answered up to two questions submitted directly to the RCVS from members of the electorate. The videos have been published on the RCVS website as well as on the RCVS YouTube channel (

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