Scotland-based veterinary ophthalmologist Tamir Spiegel, who offers referral and telemedicine services through Vision Vet, has launched two CPD webinar courses.

The first, which covers three topics: canine uveitis, canine glaucoma and non-healing corneal ulcer, is for the entire practice. It normally costs £95 per practice, but for members, it's £70. 

To book, visit: 

The second course is 'Ophthalmic Examination in the Dogs and Cats', which costs £25 for members, that is reduced to £15 per person. 

To book, visit: 

Originally from Belgium, Tamir, who qualified at Glasgow in 2001, started Vision Vet in 2009 and gained his National French Certificate in Ophthalmology (broadly equivalent to the UK Cert) in 2011. 

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