Vets4Pets’ Graduate programme has become the first of its kind to be recognised outside of the profession for the work it does in supporting graduates with the transition from university to full-time practice.

The company has won the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) 'Best Graduate Onboarding and Induction Activities Programme.' (Dear god. Not to take anything away from Vets4Pets' considerable achievement, but is it just me that finds it like fingernails on a blackboard when people take a perfectly serviceable preposition like 'on board' and turn it into a verb?). 

Gordon Dunn, People Director at Vets4Pets, said: “As a leading UK veterinary employer, we view it as our personal responsibility to fully prepare graduates at the beginning of their career. This includes, but isn’t limited to, ensuring they are equipped with the right skills and behaviours to forge their own individual career pathway, and increase the chances of them remaining in the profession.

"The induction and onboarding of our graduates forms the lynchpin of our programme, and clearly sets out what is to come. Being recognised for the work we’re doing to develop the next generation of veterinary talent is a huge celebration for us and is a testimony to the investment made and hard work over the last few years to develop and evolve a world-class development programme. We’re extremely proud to be recognised for this achievement.”

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