Booking has opened for the first Precision Livestock Farming in Practice conference with special discounts for vets taking farmer clients to the event, which is taking place at York Biotech Campus on 23rd and 24th November.

Mike Gooding, chairman of organiser RAFT Solutions said: “High precision methods are critical to the future of UK livestock farms and their vets.

“The event offers an A-list of international speakers to explain the opportunities presented by precision management techniques that can be applied in practice to any livestock enterprise.”

One example is early detection of sub-optimal animal performance and timely intervention, which is included in the session: ‘Big Tech and what it offers Precision Livestock Farming’.

The session will explore the use of data to empower precision decisions with Prof Jasmeet Kaler from University of Nottingham.

There will also be an open debate about consumer perceptions, legislative governance, and impacts upon or opportunities for farmers and vets.

Mike added: "All conference-goers, whether attending in person or on-line, will be challenged to adapt their thinking and focus on post-conference changes for the better."

A choice of one- or two-day tickets is available at

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