Vetlife has published a new information leaflet to help veterinary professionals suffering from loneliness. 

The charity highlights that loneliness affects the mental wellbeing of many in the profession, from locums being away from friends and family, students away from loved ones, those who feel isolated at their practice, and vets worried about the lonely farmers they are supporting.

Vetlife Helpline Manager Rosie Allister said: “Every call to Vetlife Helpline is completely confidential and we would never speak or write about them, even anonymised, but we do hear themes around loneliness in our calls.

"It takes courage to acknowledge feeling lonely. There’s a stigma to it, and it’s often trivialised. Saying you’re lonely can feel like disclosing a vulnerability. People feel they need to hide it, to put on a façade.”

The new leaflet encourages those who are experiencing loneliness to open up if they are struggling and gives advice on how it can be combatted.

It can be downloaded here: 

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