Provet Cloud has announced the results of a survey carried out at BSAVA which found that a significant proportion of veterinary practices are missing digital opportunities to improve efficiency. 

177 delegates took part in the survey, which found that even the most commonly used digital tool, namely automated reminders, are not being used by more than a third of all practices. 

Less than 60% are using digital records.

Less than half are using online booking, which Provet says can significantly improve the customer experience.

Less than 20% have implemented integrated payments or telemedicine or pet owner apps. 

The survey also found that 42% are still using old server technology, rather than cloud-based solutions (28%).

The company has produced a guide to what you should look for in a practice management system, including pros and cons of cloud vs. server-based solutions and digital tools that can improve service level whilst saving time, which you can download here.

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