has launched Expert Help Forums, where general practitioners can put general and case questions to a bank of highly qualified, helpful and friendly experts in a variety of disciplines.

The VetSurgeon Expert Forums were originally designed to overcome the weaknesses inherent in other social media platforms like Facebook, such as the lack of accountability, transparency and provenance for the clinical information and opinions being shared.

However it is hoped that the new resource will prove to be especially helpful to general practitioners who find themselves working in isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic.

For them, advice from some of the leading experts in the country could prove a real lifeline.

To use the new Expert Help forums, login and visit (under ‘Forums’ in the main navigation). Alternatively, navigate to the relevant area under ‘Interests’ and go from there.

Type your question in brief, then add any further detail in the box beneath.

Your question is then emailed to a number of experts in the relevant field, who’ll reply when they are able.

All questions are added to a knowledgebank which other members of the profession can read and refer to, but only you, the question author and the experts can reply.

This means you can be assured of a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable reply and it won’t get drowned in a sea of ‘me too’ posts.

Importantly, you can see the provenance for all advice given in the Expert Forums: click the name of the expert to read their full professional profile and qualifications.

There’s also a red ‘Claim CPD’ button at the top of the thread. Use that to claim your question as CPD, or just to keep a record of your questions and the answers (which you can later review in your profile).

Once you have had your answer(s), you must click ‘Verify Answer’ under any that you feel have answered your question. This adds the referral practitioner’s logo and gives them points on a leaderboard of most active and helpful experts. So it’s a nice way to say 'thank you' for their time and effort.

The expert forums are being rolled out, discipline by discipline, over the coming weeks.

Anaesthesia and Pain Management is now live, with experts like Jo Murrell from Highcroft Referrals, Dan Holden from County Vet Clinic, Gwen Covey-Crump, and Carl Bradbrook from Anderson Moores answering questions.

In Cardiology, we have the ever-helpful Dave Dickson from HeartVets and Roger Wilkinson joined by Chris Linney from Willows, Mike Holgate, Mark Patteson from HeartVets, and Nuala Summerfield from Virtual Veterinary Specialists.

In Dentistry, we have Peter Southerden from Eastcott, Norman Johnston from DentalVets, Evelyn Barbour-Hill, Bob Partridge from VetDentist and Rob Davis from Moreton Hall all there to lend a hand.

You'd be hard-pushed to find a more helpful, friendly or more knowledgable bunch of people, so do make the most of this new resource. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, and posting it here adds it to a knowledgebank for everyone else and allows both you and the expert to claim CPD time. 

Post your question here!

If you are an expert in one of the veterinary disciplines on VetSurgeon and would like to contribute to an expert forum, please first watch this explanatory video for referral practitioners and then contact: [email protected].

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