Dechra Veterinary Products has launched Laxatract, the UK’s first veterinary-licensed lactulose oral syrup to tackle constipation in cats and dogs.

Laxatract is indicated for the treatment of constipation and symptomatic treatment of diseases which require facilitated defecation such as partial obstructions.

The recommended dosage is 400 mg lactulose per kg bodyweight per day, which corresponds to 0.6 ml veterinary medicinal product per kg body weight per day. Approximately two to three days of treatment may be necessary before a treatment effect occurs (preferably divided into 2-3 doses over the day).

Laxatract is available in a 50 ml bottle complete with a 5 ml syringe for easy administration. It can be mixed with food or given directly into the mouth.

Dechra Brand Manager Carol Morgan said: "Cats and dogs may need to be treated for constipation for a number of reasons including intestinal atony after surgery, hairballs, or massive intestinal contents and Laxatract provides a safe and effective solution to facilitate that.

"Laxatract can also be used when facilitated defecation is required such as partial obstructions due to tumours and fractures, rectal diverticulum, proctitis and poisoning."

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