Turtle Survival Europe has announced that it is to hold a CPD qualifying conference, 'Chelonian Conservation and Welfare in Europe', from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday 16th November 2019 at Writtle University College in Essex.

The programme for the day includes a talk by Matt Rendle, an exotics veterinary nurse, about wound healing in reptiles and the work of the Veterinary Wound Library.

There are also talks about current veterinary practice concerning Chelonia (with a focus on egg retention), the Asian turtle crisis, zoo conservation work, reptile rescue work and perceptions of Chelonia in captivity.

Tickets cost £30-£50, and include refreshments, lunch and optional Sunday workshops.

For more details or to reserve your place, email: turtlesurvivaleurope@gmail.com, or visit: https://www.turtlesurvival.eu/

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