A survey of 500 veterinary professionals, carried out by marketing communications agency Pegasus, has revealed how veterinary professionals feel that the pandemic has affected their working lives.

  • 72% said they think clients undervalue remote consultations and telemedicine
  • 36% said they do not feel safe from infection with coronavirus in the workplace
  • 20% say management didn't listen to their concerns during the pandemic
  • 62% are worried about the increased mental strain of working during the pandemic
  • 27% said they are worried about managing client relationships and expectations during the pandemic
  • 39%  have found communicating the options to clients for the purchase of veterinary medicines a challenge
  • 71% say the pandemic has changed the way they communicate with clients, and this will continue after the pandemic
  • 66% say they want an improved work/life balance to be a legacy of the pandemic
  • 51% want to see more flexible working patterns and job share
  • 55% say they have spent more time online during the pandemic
  • 49% say they are using more digital tools at work as a result of the pandemic, but,
  • only 17% said digital disruption was needed. 

Richard Casey, President of The Veterinary Marketing Group (VMG) said: “Pegasus’s survey has shown some very encouraging results. But it is also very worrying that so many of our colleagues do not feel safe from COVID19 exposure in the workplace.

"I encourage all our colleagues, regardless of whether they are management or not, to reach out to workplace colleagues. Ask them how they’re feeling, what are their concerns and what is working well?

"The same goes for clients. Let’s not assume that because we’re not yet fluent in consulting virtually that the client doesn’t value the flexibility of hearing your expert voice from the comfort of their home.

"Instead, invite feedback on how your new approaches are landing. What could be done differently? The key to managing anyone’s expectations is always clear communication. Even more so in today’s consumer driven, 24/7 economy. The veterinary practices who come out of COVID-19 well, will likely be the ones who embrace the new normal. They’ll have listened to their team and clients needs, and found ways to meet them.”

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