Royal Canin is launching Vital Support, a new range of diets designed to support pets’ renal, mobility and heart function.

The Vital Support launch includes a new Feline Renal Multipack to support cats with chronic kidney disease and loss of appetite. The multipack contains four wet pouches with different aromatic profiles to help stimulate decreased appetite and deliver optimum food acceptance and compliance. Multipacks will be available from October 2020.

Royal Canin has also introduced new Early Renal diets to help support the kidneys at early stages of renal insufficiency, and will be discontinuing its Feline VCN Senior Consult Stage 2 diets.

The company is also introducing two new diets for small dogs: Renal Small Dogs to support small breed dogs in the more advanced stages of chronic renal insufficiency, and Mobility C2P+ Small Dogs, formulated to support healthy joint function. 

Other changes include a switch to 100% sustainably sourced salmon in its renal wet pouches, and to vegetable sources of glucosamine, instead of shellfish.

For more information, visit:, speak to a member of the veterinary pillar team or contact the Nutritional Helpline.

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