The RCVS is to host a free, one-hour webinar for vet students and new MsRCVS which will explain how to handle some of the difficult situations you might encounter in the first few months in practice.

The webinar, ‘Dealing with Difficult Situations’ will take place on Tuesday 7th December at 7.15pm and will feature veterinary surgeons who themselves recently joined the Register giving examples of challenging situations they faced, how they dealt with them, what they learned and how it changed the way they practise.

Gemma Kingswell, RCVS Head of Legal Services (Standards), said: "We recognise that starting in your first job as a veterinary surgeon is very exciting, but that the first few months in practice can be daunting too as you encounter challenging situations for the first time.

“This webinar aims not only to provide some practical guidance on how to deal with difficult situations in a pragmatic way should they arise, but also provide some reassurance that you are not alone in facing them.

"The webinar will also explore how the speakers have reflected on the difficult circumstances they have encountered in order to build up the knowledge, confidence and resilience to deal with similar situations in the future.”

Among those sharing the situations they’ve encountered are: Izzy Hocking, Hannah Prestwood and Bolu Eso.

They will be covering topics including the provision of pragmatic care, how to have difficult conversations with clients and how to handle client confidentiality.

Gemma will then explore the scenarios further in relation to the Code of Professional Conduct and what it says about how best to handle such difficult situations.

To sign up to the webinar visit:

Those who are interested in attending can also submit questions about the Code and supporting guidance in advance via the Eventbrite registration page.

There will also be opportunities to ask questions throughout the event.

For those who aren’t able to make it on the day, a recording of the webinar will be made available shortly afterwards via the RCVS website.

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