Bluetree Group, a Type IIR surgical face mask manufacturer, has published the results of a survey it conducted in July which has found that 35% of pet owners would consider changing their vets if they didn’t think their face mask met the standard required. 

Interestingly, the survey of 2000 people found that men were 11% more likely than women to change their veterinary surgery if they didn't like the look of the masks. There were also geographical variations in the levels of concern about masks, with Londoners (48%) and people from the South West (46%), the North East (41%) and the West Midlands (41%) being most concerned.

Still, there is some consolation for any practice that is using sub standard masks: 78% of UK adults wouldn’t know how to tell if a face mask was fake.

However, 26% of respondents said they would ask their vet to prove their medical grade face mask meets the certified standard and 22% of pet owners said they would expect their vet to wear a medical grade face mask during routine checkups for the foreseeable future.

James Kinsella, Director at Bluetree Group, said: “During such an unprecedented time, it’s no surprise that people are worried about the use of face masks. It is clear that the public has strong feelings about the quality of face masks in practices, with a third of pet owners saying they are worried about the standard of their vet’s face mask. It’s encouraging to see that where expectations are not met, people will seek an alternative.

"The majority of people admit they would not be able to identify a fake face mask, however it is encouraging that a third of those we spoke to would have the confidence to take action and change their vet if they didn’t think their face mask was up to standard."

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