has published a new video which explains why the website is the best platform for veterinary surgeons to share clinical information, knowledge and experience. 

In the video, Editor Arlo Guthrie explains how the site has been developed to overcome various problems with using Facebook for clinical discussion. 

One of the biggest problems with Facebook is that it lends itself to large number of short-form quick-fire replies which are often repetitive and can bury any really useful pearls of wisdom. Another issue is that on Facebook, everyone's post is given a misleading equivalence. In other words, it doesn't matter whether you're the leading veterinary cardiologist in the country or someone who left vet school last week, your opinion is given the same prominence. That's misleading.

The discussion platform lends itself to longer, more thoughtful replies, and expert opinion is elevated above the rest. Information is curated by subject area and, using the Claim CPD button, easy to bookmark and refer back to later. 

In the VetSurgeon Expert Help Forums, any member can post a question but only experts (those with referral practitioner, academia or industry membership categories) can reply. When you thank the experts for their help, their logo and contact details are embedded within their answer. This overcomes another problem with less tightly-controlled discussion formats, which is that they can occasionally get quite nasty. Aside from the fact that the experts are a fantastically nice and helpful bunch of people, who on earth wants their logo attached to anything less than helpful!

None of this is to say that Facebook doesn't have its place. The large volume of short-form replies make it a great place for non clinical discussion, such as veterinary politics and general banter. 

However, when it comes to clinical discussion and information-sharing, sets the standard.

If you agree with the points raise in the video, do press the 'Like' button on YouTube and share it with colleagues. 

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