Animus Surgical has launched Membra, a new hydrogel polymer wound sealant for use in horses, companion animals and aquatics.

Membra is a transparent, water-resistant, non-toxic, biodegradable bandage replacement consisting of a hydrogel polymer which can be applied to open wounds.

It is initially applied as a liquid and quickly gels into a thin, flexible layer over the site. 

The initial liquid phase of Membra allows it to cover open and irregular spaces as well as suture lines and it dries in minutes to form a barrier that covers and protects the incision site or wound.

Being transparent, Membra allows the wound to be seen by the veterinary team and pet owners.

Membra lasts for up to 14 days and naturally biodegrades over time. 

Animus says that Membra lowers the risk of infection or dehiscence.

The company also says that hydrogel polymer has been shown to replace the need for adhesive bandaging on suture lines following major TPLO surgery.

A study concluded that the polymer did not appear to raise the prevalence of incisional complications after TPLO surgery and lasts for 14 days, rather than 24-48 hours with traditional bandaging1.

Nick Butcher MRCVS, owner of Animus Surgical in the UK, said: “Regular bandaging of open wounds can be costly, time-consuming and stressful for owners and their pets, requiring frequent visits to the practice. 

"The bandaging of some open wounds can be impossible because of the location of the lesion or the affected species (e.g. exotic or aquatic animals) and more aggressive or nervous patients may require sedation.

"Used bandages also add to the volume of clinical waste generated by the practice which requires incineration

“We are therefore delighted to launch Membra to veterinary teams in the UK.

"It has been very successful in the U.S. and we already have a number of UK vets using the product as Membra can positively affect the outcome of open wound management across a range of species, without the need for regular bandage changes.”

To find out how to apply Membra, a range of YouTube videos are available showing a selection of case examples:


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