TheraVet S.A., a Belgian company which specialises in the management of osteoarticular diseases in pets, has announced the launch of Biocera-Vet, an injectable bone substitute for use in orthopaedic surgery. 

The company says that despite the development of alternatives to natural bone grafting, such as allografts and synthetic products, autologous bone graft is still considered the standard. However, it has a number of disadvantages, such as donor site morbidities and lameness, limited availability of graft volume (particularly in small size pets) and additional surgical time.

Biocera-Vet is a new bone substitute indicated in surgical procedures where bone grafting is necessary, such as arthrodesis, complex fractures, corrective osteotomy used in correction of limb deformities or as add-on to Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA).

Biocera-Vet is an injectable synthetic self-hardening calcium-phosphate cement combining osteo-inductive, osteo-conductive and osteo-integrative properties designed to support a fast and strong consolidation.

TheraVet says Biocera-Vet also presents an excellent safety profile thanks to its biocompatibility, reduced comorbidities and superior ergonomics which save a significant amount of surgical time.

Dr Olivier Stiévenart, an orthopaedic veterinary surgeon at Surgivet in Belgium said: "Using Biocera-Vet has enabled us to optimise our patient care considerably, by reducing the operating time by at least 30 minutes. The use of an efficient and rapid bone substitute represents a real progress in terms of both operations and the animal’s quality of life".

Julie Schurgers, Chief Commercial Officer of TheraVet, said: "Biocera-Vet is a unique product on the veterinary bone substitute market, combining outstanding bone consolidation properties with an excellent safety profile and superior ergonomics. We are very excited today to announce its commercialisation on the market and are convinced that this innovative product will significantly improve the daily practices of veterinarians, for the well-being of patients and their owners."

The product is now available in Belgium, and will be rolled out in France and the Netherlands shortly, with the rest of Europe following later in 2021 / 2022.

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