TVM has launched Alphazium TT, a new product designed to help with both short and long-term anxiety and stress in cats and dogs.  

Alphazium TT contains alphalactalbumin and magnesium, which, according to the company, targets the three main neurological pathways involved in the regulation of mood and emotional balance.

TVM says  Alphazium TT is highly palatable, so it can be administered as a treat, making the process stress free for veterinary staff, pets and pet owners.

TVM UK’s product manager Will Peel said: "Behavioural problems are becoming increasingly common in cats and dogs and are these problems are likely to get worse with pet owners going back to work as lockdown measures lift, which could cause further stress and anxiety in pets.

"Alphazium TT can help owners address these problems whilst being highly palatable – therefore also reducing the stress of tablet administration all-round."

For more information and support materials, visit: or contact your TVM UK Territory Manager.

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