Vetlife has launched new guidance for veterinary workplaces affected by suicide, to accompany its postvention support service.

Suicide postvention is the response and provision of support after a suicide.

It aims to support recovery, and to prevent further adverse outcomes in the aftermath including the prevention of further deaths by suicide. 

The new guidance is intended for people who have been affected by the suicide of a veterinary professional, people who support those who have been affected, and for managers and leaders in veterinary workplaces who are working to prevent suicide. 

The guidance examines veterinary workplace considerations after a suicide, including immediate aftermath and longer term. 

It also covers communication, including talking both with colleagues and clients, and publicly on social media and elsewhere.

It finishes with a checklist of actions for veterinary workplaces affected by suicide considering immediate, short term, and ongoing actions for support and postvention.

As well as providing this guidance, Vetlife can provide individualised support to practices and individuals who have experienced a suicide through its Postvention Service.

If you are a UK veterinary professional who has been affected by suicide or wants support for a veterinary workplace, contact 0303 040 2551.

You can download the guidance here.

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